How do I get the sound to come out of my TV instead of my laptop?

by on January 4, 2010

Q: We just purchased a new LG TV and an HDMI cable in order to watch movies from our laptop and project them on the new TV. The problem that I am having is I can’t figure out how to get the sound to come through the TV speakers instead of the laptop. Any ideas?

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    You need a cable that will run from your audio out on your laptop to your TV. The DVI to HDMI cable only carries video it does not carry sound, which might be confusing because if you used an HDMI cable from your DVD player to your TV it would carry sound. The problem is that DVI does not provide sound so you cannot do that.

    What you need is something like a 3.5mm to Stereo RCA Cable.


    I am using a HDMI to HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV shouldn’t that link the sound as well or do I still need different cables.


      That is a good question. I just assumed you were using DVI to HDMI as I have not seen many computers with an actual HDMI output. Do you have the make and model of your laptop? If you do we should be able to look up the manual and see what it says about it. I would think that it should “just work” if your laptop does support sound over the HDMI but we all know how that is. There might be a setting you have to change to get the sound to go over the HDMI instead of though your laptop speakers.


    The computer is a HP Pavillion dv6700 special edition. We tried looking for a setting on the computer with no luck. I think the laptop is about 2 years old now, using Vista. Thanks!


      Okay I read the manual and it says, from what I can tell that your computer supports HDMI 1.2 and that it should send both video and sound.

      You will have to go into your control panel and then sound options, when you are connected to the TV. You should see a way of changing the default to HDMI or something similar to that instead of speakers. If you change this then the sound should come out of your TV. You will probably have to change it back after you are done though.

      I am not in front of a Windows machine right now so the exact wording of the options might be incorrect but the gist of it should get you close to where you need to be.