How come my computer running Windows Vista continuously reboots to a blue screen?

by on January 5, 2010

Q: I have windows vista and all of a sudden a few days ago my system continuously reboots with blue screen error message and then shuts down, reboots again etc etc.

I stopped the rebooting to read the error message and got – STOP: Ox0000008E (OxC0000005, Ox81CBF164, Ox9642A7FC, Ox0000000)

I have tried looking up info on the net, but am really not technical and finding the suggestions really hard to understand. I have read that you need to check drivers, BIOS etc, but have no idea how to do this exactly – could someone please instruct me in layman’s terms how to go about this? I tried system restore, but it says that there are no restore points to revert to. I do not have a CD – the computer did not come with one.

Any help would be great!

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    Try walking through this troubleshooting guide from Microsoft, it’s written pretty plainly I think:

    While it is somewhat generic it should help you isolate what is giving you problems. Let us know what your results are.

    Also, assuming your PC is from a major manufacturer (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc) if you didn’t get restore disks, you may still be able to restore from a separate partition or purchase restore disks from the company. Check the pc manufacturer’s support page for your model pc for details

    Generally a lot of manufacturers have not been handing out restore DVDs to save money, and instead have opted to either provide a utility to create restore disks or allow you to restore directly from a spare partition on the harddrive. The manual that came with your pc (or available on-line from the manufacturer) will have details on this.


    As you said, I am really sure some your system files have been corrupted, so best idea is re-install your os, and before you do that, firstly you should backup your important data and then format your hard disk.
    more info and tutorial, you should try google and use this keyword ” install window vista from dos”