How can I watch TV on a Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD?

by on January 8, 2010

Q: Recently I bought Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD to use with my computer and PS3. In order to watch TV do I have to have an indoor antenna connected with the monitor?

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    The Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD is an actual HDTV not an HD monitor and that means it has a tuner in it so all you need is a source. That source could be an antenna or cable. If you want to go with antenna then I suggest you visit to see what kind of signals you can expect to get.


    Sorry if this sounds dumb.
    So if it says the antenna type should be yellow, which means small multi-directional antenna. Most of the indoor antennas are this type, right? Or indoor antennas should be medium?


      You will want to look on the box of the antenna. If you click on yellow from the website you will see that it shows you a little box on the right hand side with pieces of a pie. You want to make sure Yellow is in the pie.

      Yellow is the lowest designation so that really means the answer to your question is yes, any indoor HD antenna should be at least yellow. Not all antennas are created equal though so just like when you buy any gadget you should make sure to do your research.