How come I cannot join any multiplayer games?

by on January 15, 2010

Q: The problem I’m currently having is that:

1. I cannot connect to ANY multiplayer game servers other than “runescape” which is javascript based.

2. I have checked my router setting and nothing seems to be blocking anything.

3. I have even temporarily dis-engaged ALL of my virus protectors/firewalls and nothing seems to help.

I have tried everything I could think of that is in my power (I’m an administrator on my computer) what should I do? contact my ISP?

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    Can you give examples of what kind of games you are trying to connect to?


    Indeed I can: halo, rainbow six: Vegas 2, platform racing, pretty much all online (online/LAN multiplayer) games.


      Do you have firewall software on your computer like McAfee or maybe Windows firewall? It sounds like something is stopping the ports that those games use. I suggest shutting off your firewalls and then testing.

      If that does not work then I would connect your computer directly to your modem, ie remove your router, and see if you can connect then. There is a slight chance that your router is setup to block the traffic but I think it makes more sense that you are running a firewall that is block your outgoing traffic.


    As I stated in my question, I have disabled all of them, how do I connect my comp to my modem directly?


      Sorry I missed that you disabled the firewall in your question. You should be able to connect your computer, via an Ethernet cable, directly to your modem.

      This will let you figure out if it is the router that is causing the problems. Honestly it seems really weird that it is not a local firewall issue.

      Another thing you might want to try is have a friend with a laptop come over and try to play a game online and see if it works for them. It is very rare for a router to be blocking gaming ports unless someone manually went in there and set it to block them.


    I can’t figure out what cable is the Ethernet cable, and I’ce tried setting my router to DMZ mode, that didn’t work though.


      Were you unable to get into DMZ mode or are you saying once you were in DMZ mode you still could not get the games working?


    Putting it into dmz didn’t effect gameplay, still couldn’t access multiplayer


      Okay if you were able to successfully put your computer into DMZ mode and it still did not work means it is a problem with your computer. I still have a feeling there is a firewall running, maybe you don’t know about it, that is stopping those games from accessing the internet.

      You might want to go into your “control panel” and then go into “add/remove programs” to see if there might be another firewall install that you don’t know about.