Is it possible for a site I don’t recall going to to show up in my browser history?

by on March 1, 2010

Q: An X rated dating website is showing up on my computers history. My partner said he did not browse it. He said that he was browsing porn sites and that it might be a spyware or something similar. Is this possible?

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    I doubt it is spyware but the other option is that it could have been a popup or popunder generated by one of the other sites. If the history said that multiple pages within the site were navigated to then obviously it was not a popup/popunder though.


    the site in question is In the history is was showing it as a file and in this file then a page web. There was a second file saying texad I have browsed the net and saw this address could be a malware. Would that make sense? Thanks


      I did some quick searching and found something that said you can download files with passwords from the site. I would assume the passwords were for the sites your partner was looking at. In short, it sounds like it only showed up in your history once or twice so the good news is it would require many page views to actually find someone if it were really a match site so chances are your partner was not doing that.


    Thank you Matt. Very quick answer.
    Is there an easy way to get ride of this kinda sites or does it not cause any arm to the pc? Thanks again


      Well the site being in you history does nothing. If files were downloaded from the site then you might have some malware or something bad on your computer so you should make sure you are running virus protection and spyware protection.