Who do I contact to prove that my Office software is genuine?

by on March 1, 2010

Q: I have Office Professional Edition 2003 on this computer and only this computer . For the last month I am getting a message that it is not genuine. It is and I still have the plastic case. Where do I call them and get it fixed I live in Texas. I can’t locate a telephone number.

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    You can find the phone number for Office Genuine Advantage here: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cuphone

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    Update on my genuine office 2003 professional edition problem
    I want you and the world to know the solution! I got the telephone number from ask the geek and telephone Microsoft.
    First, a John, spoke to me and asked me to run the validate program from the website and after which he asked me for the product number and put me on hold. Then he transferred me to a Gus who had me do the same thing.
    Gus then said “We don’t support Office 2003 anymore I can get you help for $49 or you can buy newer version”. I said “If I buy an update how can I update with an non genuine tag on my 2003”. His answer was “You should have purchased an update earlier now you need to buy the whole new system. We are tagging the old ones.”
    joy joslin