Norton 360 is a one stop shop for computer protection

by on March 4, 2010

Q: I had both Norton and Webroot Spy sweeper but then they both expired. When I renewed Norton I got the more expensive 360 version and now I am wondering if I still need Webroot.

A: You do not need Webroot if you are running Norton 360. Running Webroot while running Norton 360 will actually slow your computer down because both Norton 360 and Webroot will be checking every single file you touch to see if it is a virus or spyware. This means your computer is doing twice as much work protecting you as it needs to and that takes resources away from other taks you might be asking it to work on like browsing the Internet or checking email.

It is always important to know exactly what the products you buy do. You can save money and have a faster computer by making sure you are 100% protected and no more. You can find a full list of what Norton 360 does to protect your computer on their site.

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