How come it takes a long time for videos to load on my computer?

by on March 5, 2010

Q: When I want to view a video it takes forever for it to load. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

One Response to “How come it takes a long time for videos to load on my computer?”

    I’m assuming you are referring to streaming videos on-line like youtube. The only way to get these to load faster is to upgrade your internet connection. Sometimes some videos will simply load slowly because the server the video is hosted on is very busy. However, if you’re always having this problem then it is likely due to a slow internet connection.

    So either you’re running a slow internet service plan or there is a problem with your internet connection. If you’d like you can post your results from a speed test on along with what kind of internet plan you’re supposed to have to see if the numbers match up.

    Alternatively you can just contact your ISP, they should be able to assess if you’re getting what you’re paying for and set you up with a faster plan if needed.