How do I format my new hard drive?

by on March 7, 2010

Q: How do you format a new internal hard drive you want just for additional storage? I have an hitachi deskstar SATA 2.0tb.

My operating system is Windows XP Pro 64-bit. I have tried to use computer management’s disk management and I have tried right clicking on the hard drive and format on “my computer” but neither one works all the way. The best I have got is it saying 100%, but then it stops and says there was a problem. I have checked on the drivers and they are the newest one the computer can find.

One Response to “How do I format my new hard drive?”

    What your doing is correct. If you’re getting formatting errors like that then there is likely a problem with the harddrive.

    You’ll probably need to work through Hitachi’s troubleshooting tips starting with their Drive Fitness test diagnostic software and going down the list from there.