Reduce PDF file size

by on March 7, 2010

Q: I recently created an editable order form in Adobe Professional 8. The file started out at around 300 kb but as I have been working with it it has grown to over 10 megs. Is there a way I can get the PDF file down to a reasonable size?

A: As you work with a PDF file Adobe Professional saves a lot of information. I am not exactly clear on why it saves on this information, if it is so you can undo items or if it is so you can see changes but for whatever reason the information is saved. The easiest way to get your file back to a normal size is to just do a “Save As…” to save to a new file name. The save as will remove all the historical items, fonts not being used, and other unused items that are making your PDF bigger than it needs to be.

If this does not get your PDF file down to a small enough size for you then you then you might want to use the “Reduce File Size” option. This will then ask you to select the compatibility, ie what versions of Acrobat it should work in, and then from there ask you what name you want to give the file. I have a feeling “Save As…” does pretty much the same thing but giving the “Reduce File Size” a try certainly wont hurt either.

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