What database should we move to from Access?

by on March 8, 2010

Q: Our company receives professional data from thousands of individuals. We currently store this data in an Access 2007 database. We’re looking at hosting package options for the best way to present this data in user-friendly reports, etc. Two questions here.

1) should we be using Access 2007 or MS SQL or some other option for the purposes listed above?

2) Do you have any recommendations for hosting packages? We’re on a smaller budget right now and we need something to start out with that has at least 10GB storage.

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    The real questions are how are you going to generate your reports, who is going to move the data over to the new database, and who is going to support you on the new database.

    It sounds like you are going to need to hire a web developer/programmer to create a website where you can see your reports. So I think the question of how you are going to get it done is a lot more important than what package you buy because you wont know what package you need until you figure out what the software requirements will be.


    I agree with Matt. The software is just a wrench, you need some good mechanics. The really critical part of this is getting some IT professionals involved that can assess your operation and offer a viable solution. That is also going to be the expensive part, so you’ll need to assess if the extra cost is going to be worth it.

    Beyond someone to put together a website you’ll more importantly probably need someone with good relational database experience to make sure your your database is put together correctly.


    Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback.