How come it takes forever to copy files from my PC to my mass storage device?

by on March 9, 2010

Q: How come it takes forever for me to copy files from my PC to my mass storage device? I often get the following error “cannot copy file, the path is too deep.”

I have replaced the card reader and the motherboard. I have updated the motherboard with the latest drivers. I have reinstalled windows several times. I have antivirus. What can I do to fix this problem?

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    What version of windows are you running?


    Used to be Windows XP Home, Now it’s Windows XP Proffessional

    Problem while running both


    Open a command prompt and run the following command for each of your lettered drives.

    chkdsk X: /f /r

    Replace X with the letter of the drive. This will check that drive for any errors and attempt to repair them. It may ask you to reboot the PC in order to run the scan. Make sure you can get all of your drives to complete this successfully and then try again.

    If you are still having trouble, try using the mass storage device on a totally different PC and see if you experience the same errors.

    What is this mass storage device anyway? Since you said card reader I’m guessing it is a camera card?


      I have already run the chkdsk prompt for each and every drive, no problems.

      Mass storage device is a memory stick or a mp3 player, any device with the capibility to store files.

      All my devices work fine on other pc’s. I know because it is the only way for me to get music on my mp3 player.


    It sounds like you have switched out every single physical component involved, or verified that it functions with a different computer.

    You’ve also tried loading the same data with a different computer and been able to get it to load correctly.

    The mass storage devices you’re using are usually formatted in FAT32 format, while your harddrive will be formatted in NTFS.

    FAT32 can only support file structures that are less than 8 directories deep. NTFS can support more.

    If you’re still getting ‘path too deep’ errors while you try to just copy a bunch of large files to the root of the mass storage device with out a directory structure at all then I can’t think of anything else based on this information.


      Thank You for at least trying to help me.

      The path too deep message comes when I try to copy from my desktop, or my documents which is not even close to 8 levels deep.

      But now I have learned something new. Thanks.

      O, and not even a bunch of files. 1 Song. Some songs/files give the error, others don’t, and just take very long to copy. I’m forced to copy one thing at a time, doing a whole folder will take an eternity.


    Try these instructions to change the default location of my documents to something right off the root of your harddrive (ex: C:\Stuff)
    This will also move all your ‘my documents’ files to this new location.

    Now try copying data over to your mass storage devices.

    As a last effort, you can try formatting your mass storage device as NTFS instead of FAT32.

    I would suggest against doing that for something like an mp3 player which needs it read its own data, but it will work for a usb memory stick.