What could cause all the errors in my hardware that a diagnostic test said I had?

by on March 9, 2010

Q: I ran a diagnostic test on my computer. It showed problems with Sensor 1 (National Semiconductor LM78) (1 Second): Fan speed test for fan 1,2 and 3 failed. The fan speed in rpms way to high. In the +12 Volts Rail Test failed, voltage way too low. +5 Volts Rail Test failed, voltage way too low. -5 Volts Rail Test, Incoherent Parameters-Minimum value exceeds maximum! +3.3 Volts Rail Test, voltage way too low. CPU Voltage Rail Test, Voltage too low. Could all these problems be caused from a failing semiconductor?

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    1. Make and model of the computer
    2. Why are you running the diagnostic tests?
    3. Did this diagnostic software come with the computer, from the computer manufacturer, or did you download it from a 3rd party website?
    4. Have you run them correctly before?


      Hi Mark,
      This is a Gateway x86-based PC. Pentium III 731 Mhz. I recently bought the software by Avanquest “Fix it Unilities 10 Professional” because computer was running slow. Found out I had a lot of errors in the registry. Decided to do the diagnostic test that the software has. I’ve never done a diagnostic on this computer. This computer was given to me from a friend, he was just planning on dumping it.


    Given the age the computer at 10+ years, you’re going to find it slow, period. It won’t run any modern software well, and even many websites will have a hard time loading.

    As far as the diagnostics go, I can’t say whether the diagnostics are wrong or there is an actual hardware problem. Regardless even if the issues the diagnostics are talking about are true they wouldn’t manifest themselves as being slow.

    Unless you want a computer to run old DOS or Windows 95 games on I’d suggest recycling the computer ( http://www.earth911.com ).


      I decided to do a clean install of Windows XP w SP3. Now this little pentium 3 is running super fast. The system was corrupted with too many errors in the registry and other problems. I installed a 80 gig hard drive and the bios is reading 74.4 gigs (not bad for older bios). Installed a DVD/CD BURNER


      As I said, I did some upgrades on this little Pentium 3. I also installed a DVD/CD BURNER and its playing DVD’s very well. Its loading web pages pretty fast considering I have dial-up (Netzero High Speed 3G) which is the fastest dial-up. I did a little experiment also. After I did the clean install (including formatting the hard drive), I didn’t install or uninstall any software. Went straight to do the Windows Updates (did 65). Went on one web site (Norton Anti Virus). Then installed the Avanquest Fix It Utilities. It ran a scan of my computer, found 224 errors in the registry. So its the Internet that messes up the computers. The Avanquest fixed the errors and the computer is running very fast. I think this Pentium 3 needs more credit than it is getting. I did all I could to help this computer because I’m not rich to go out and buy a new computer. It’s fine for what I do.