Change Palm Pre Text Message Sound

by on March 10, 2010

Q: I know the new verison of Web OS came out, 1.4.0, and they say that I can change my text message sound notifications but when I go into Sounds & Ringtones I don’t see any options to change it. How do I change it?

A: It is certainly nice that Web OS based phones (Palm Pre, Pixi, and more to come) can finally have different sounds/notifications for texts and emails and I too found it odd that it was not under Sounds & Ringtones.

To set the sound notification you will need to go into Messaging. From here you want to click on the Messaging menu in the top left and then select Preferences & Accounts. If you do not see the Preferences & Accounts option then it is because you are already in an account and you have to go all the way back to the main screen by doing a back swipe a few times.

You should now see two sections. The top section should say NEW MESSAGES and this is the section we want to tweak. You should see Show Notifications, this is a new feature that blinks the lights on the front every few seconds so you know there is a new message. The next part is Ringtone and this is where you set the sound you want to play. You will want to click on it and then select Ringtone and after you do that you will see a new option below that. The name will change based on the sound selected and to change it you just click on it and select the new sound.

Hope this helps you figure out when you get your sounds setup so you can tell if you get a text message instead of an email.