Do they make an XGA to component converter?

by on March 10, 2010

Q: What would be the best VGA to component (rgb) video scaler that I could purchase that would allow me to play HD movies on my HD projector that doesn’t have HDMI or DVI inputs on it? I have a macbook pro, so I know it has the capability to put out xga, is it possible to get an xga to component converter so I could play 720p movies?

2 Responses to “Do they make an XGA to component converter?”

    You can get a converter for the video out on your MacBook from the format you have to any format. I would go to the apple store or check out and you should be able to find what you are looking for.


      Wrong. You cannot get mac converters that scale to component. It is a completely different video format so it requires that you purchase a video scaler for it. I am just asking which one is the best for a good price that will keep hd quality in playing movies with my mac.