Finding sold items on ebay

by on March 12, 2010

Q: I hear people talking about looking at sold items on ebay to figure out what a good price to pay for an item is or a good price to list an item for but I cannot seem to find out where to find sold items. How do I find completed auctions or sold items on ebay?

A: I don’t want to say this is tricky but sometimes it is easier to do this than other times. The reason for this is sometimes you will see a link that says See Completed Listings to the right of Save this search, which can be found to the right of where it tells you how many matches were found and it is under the different tabs.

Other times this See Completed Listings will not show up. I think it usually shows up if you have a few search results, i.e. a few hundred or less. So to see completed listings when the link is not there you have to click on the Advanced Search to the right of the Search button. Once you are in here you will want to check off, under Search including, the Completed Listings option.

Now just to be clear you are going to see all listings that have ended not just the ones that have sold. The items that have sold will show the price in green and will have a SOLD image where the ones that did not sell will have the price in red. It is just as important to look at the items that sold as it is to look at the items that did not sell. I know I have been doing a lot of searching lately and the products I have been looking for seem to sell 1 out of 6 times so that tells me people are asking a lot more than people are willing to pay so being patient and waiting for the right item at the right price will pay off for me.