How come the battery in my laptop wont charge?

by on March 13, 2010

Q: I have Dell XPS M140 laptop. I replaced the battery, the third one. They do not charge, the laptop does run on the battery, they show up under control panel-the power percentage. Even the battery indicator shows it not charging, The old/original battery shows no life, but shows up on indicator that it is trying to charge! What is wrong?

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    Things to try:

    – A new A/C adapter
    – Make sure battery pins aren’t dirty or bent
    – Contact Dell


    It does have a new a/c adapter!!!!! Maybe not good enough? I will try the pins and I guess try Dell——thx


    OK, so Dell says go into BIOS, to see if the battery is listed “””unknown”””, but I am not sure how to get into BIOS to do that— any help with that??? please and thanks..


    As the computer boots up you should see a message about pressing a key to enter the BIOS. Probably ‘DEL’, or F2.


    OK, so I went into BIOS and show no % of life– but it did say the battery is healthy, but yet still not charging. So after all that, three new batteries–that lead to a problem with the board??