How do I automate tasks with hyperterminal?

by on March 13, 2010

Q: For our company, we need to dial in a phone number and then a code to switch in a certain TV channel. I’m trying to make our lives simpler. I’m trying to use hyperterminal to dial it in. I have everything set up in hyperterminal. I’ve tried to set up a scheduled task, but everytime it starts it comes up to the page with the box to enter the phone number. So at this point you have to hit ok or enter. Then another dialog box comes up that says the phone number, and the button “Dial”. How can I stop this from happening?

It would usually start at 6:59, then after it dialed in i would need it to disconnect. That I’m unsure of how to do. Then around 9 or so whenever we want to switch it back over, I need it to dial again. If someone could please help me out that would be great!

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    I suggest reading Scheduling A Windows Computer To Make A Wake Up Call as it discusses how to automate dialing with hyper terminal and you might be able to use some of that logic.


    Yes i know, i read that and tried that but unfortunately those two box’s still come up and just sit there. I dont know how to stop that from happening?


      You have to follow the steps and in the Connect to box you need to put in the number. If you have put in the number and it still pops up when you run it then something went wrong and you might want to try again. Once you create a connection description (for lack of a better word) that should be it. Clicking on it will just dial out or running it via the scheduler will do the same.