How do I know if the loud noise coming from my computer is my fan?

by on March 17, 2010

Q: I have two questions. Both are regarding my old Compaq Presario SR1050NX.

1. I haven’t turned it on in quite a while because the insanely loud CPU fan is well.. Insanely loud! I’ve been thinking about getting a new fan for it but I’m not sure if that’s the problem. I’d rather not scrap this PC, which brings me to my second question.

2. I’m not too sure what the computer itself has but it’s all stock, haven’t even upgraded the ram in it. I would like to install a new graphics card that supports HD content (with hdmi output) but I’m not sure if anything else in the computer will support the content or the graphics card for that matter. I guess when it all boils down, my true questions have to with “is this computer salvageable as a home theater PC or should I just get rid of it?”

One Response to “How do I know if the loud noise coming from my computer is my fan?”

    For doing full HD Playback I don’t think this system is going to do it for you.

    It also only support AGP video cards, and modern video cards interface with the PCI-Express standard. You’ll also find that most TV-Tuner cards require PCI-Express as well.

    Performance wise it will also probably have a very hard time decoding HD content.

    If you’d like to still use this PC for some other purpose and are concerned about the loud noise here is how you can troubleshoot it.

    Remove the side panel of the case and turn it on. See if you can tell what fan/part is making the noise.

    Power down the computer. Disconnect the power plug for the fan that you think is the culprit. Turn the computer on for a few seconds to see if you’re correct. (Your computer will not instantly melt). Turn the computer off, and plug the fan back in.

    Repeat this until you find the part making the noise.