How can I turn off the Windows XP shutdown sound?

by on March 22, 2010

Q: When my computer running Windows XP shuts down, there is a little melody of four notes that is too loud. It disturbs others who may be sleeping when I turn it off. I am hoping that you guys know of some way to turn it down or off so that there is little or no sound.

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    Go into the Windows XP Control Panel and select Sound.

    Then click on the Sounds tab. From here you can change any Windows sound, or select ‘None’ so that no sound is played when windows performs an action.

    You can also select “No Sounds” from the Sound Scheme drop down. This will turn off all the Alert and Startup/Shutdown sounds.

    This will not disable music or sounds from any software application or website, just ‘Windows Sounds’.


    Let’s change that “G” from Geek to Genius. I know this was an easy answer, but you have come through on every question I have submitted.

    Thanks again, Michael