Disable Windows XP shutdown sound

by on March 23, 2010

Q: When I turn off my Windows XP computer it plays a little four note melody that is too loud and disturbs others around me that might be sleeping. Is there a way to turn the sound down or maybe even off?

A: The first option is to turn your sound off each time you turn your computer off. Most people will agree that this is really not an acceptable solution for the problem. Who wants to remember to turn their sound off before they turn their computer off and then turn the sound on again once they turn their computer back on?

For a permanent fix you will need to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound and then select the Sound tab. Once you are here you can now select what sounds Windows will play for specific actions. So you will want to find the shutdown sound and you will want to change it to None.

Your other option here is to look at the Sound Scheme drop down and select No Sound. This will make it so Windows will not play any sounds for any alerts like startup or shutdown. This will NOT stop your music from playing or sounds from websites though. It will only make it so Windows will not play sounds when it wants to alert you to things.

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