Will having the same PDFs on mutliple sites count as duplicate content?

by on March 23, 2010

Q: I and my friend are making websites of similar content.

We don’t want the same content of both sites hurting our google ranking.

I have already lots of text in HTML format with relevant info on my subject matter for my website. I want my friend to share this information without hurting google search rankings.

I understand two sites having exact text content will hurt the rankings. I want to give him the information of exact same text for his website, but with a different introduction so as to allow his site searchable by google. I intend to create a PDF file with this exact same text within it. He can then provide a simple link to this PDF file after his own introduction and allow the readers to share our exact same content.

So what will happen is I get to keep all the original text on my website, whereas he will have a different introduction (optimized so people will find his site), but the remainder of the text will be in a downloadable PDF form, which will contain this exact same text as my site.

Would that be a solution to stop google rankings being hurt?

2 Responses to “Will having the same PDFs on mutliple sites count as duplicate content?”

    As I understand it both sites will still have the same PDFs. Google parses PDFs and will figure out that they are the same and will probably ding you for having duplicate content. You should consider putting your energy together into he same site to make that site larger instead of spreading your energy into multiple sites that are similar.


    Well not exactly, my site will have the original HTML and the other site (my friends) will have it in PDF form and that PDF will be given as a downloadable file, containing the exact info that my own site does. So I am assuming then this also will not work.

    What about if I zip up the PDFs?

    Will Google really hurt my website rankings that badly having two similar copies of same text on two entirely separate websites?

    There are many websites out there with topics so similar, surely they cannot all have their rankings hurt because of this?