Creating a drop down list in Word 2007

by on March 24, 2010

Q: How do I create a form with a drop down list in Word 2007? It used to be so easy with 2003 but I cannot figure it out with Word 2007.

A: Jumping into Word 2007 can be a real trip from Word 2003. The nice thing is that the local help system is pretty nice and can help with a lot of questions you might have. Just for fun anyone moving over should try using it because you can find articles on just about anything in there. To add a drop down list to a form you are going to need to open up the developer tools, which might not be intuitive but it is where we must start.

To open up the developer tools you need to click on the Microsoft Office Button, which is that round button in the top left hand corner with the 4 different color boxes. From there you have to click on Word Options and then click on Popular. Then from here you will need to select Show Developer tab in the Ribbon and then press OK. You should now see some extra options in your toolbars.

To add the drop down list you will need to go to click on the Drop Down List, which you will find in Controls group of the Developer tab. The Drop Down List looks like a few lines with a scroll bar to the right of it. Once you add the control you will want to click on it, then go to the Developer tab again and in Control groups select Properties. You can then, from the Drop Down List Properties use the Add button to add choices and you should have your Drop Down List that you are accustom to in Word 2003.

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