How can I tell if my computer is really mine?

by on March 26, 2010

Q: I have a suspicion that my laptop was stolen and switched with a broken model. I and my roommate both have the same laptop and I found him with both one day, he gave “mine” back and all of the sudden the wireless card did not work. I think he may have transferred over my user folder, and made my user on his laptop in order to make his broken laptop appear to be mine. Is there a way I can prove it? Specifically, can I see a list of when the users were edited or possibly system restore?

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    Go into control panel> admin tools> even Viewer and look at the security logs. Scroll down to before you think there was a switch and see if you see your account being used as a login or his.

    The only real definitive thing would be to keep track of the serial number of your laptop.