You cannot have too much RAM

by on March 31, 2010

Q: This Christmas I received two Kingston 1 GB memory modules for my Presario SR 1503 WM. This seems like too much memory for the little Celeron processor. Is there such a thing has having too much RAM?

A: This is certainly an interesting question because technically there is such a thing as too much RAM. Too much RAM, in my book, would be putting more RAM in your computer than your computer can recognize. This tends to be less of a problem now with newer systems that can support more RAM than anyone would think about buying but on really old systems there were limits like 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, etc. It should be noted that putting more RAM in your computer than it can recognize will usually not cause a problem you will just have RAM that the computer cannot use.

The other way you could have “too much RAM” is if you put say 8 GB of RAM in your computer and you use your computer for nothing except checking email. Obviously we would not expect an email client to ever use 8 GB of RAM so I guess that is another situation where you could have “too much RAM”.

I want to clarify that you should never see a performance decrease for having “too much RAM”. You will just not see a performance increase once you get to a certain point. That certain point is when you have more RAM than your system needs to run the programs you want to run.

So, yes, technically it is possible to have “too much RAM” but in reality I don’t think anyone really gets to the point where they have “too much RAM and I can guarantee you 2 GB is not even close to “too much”.

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