How do I fix the sound on a Dell mini laptop?

by on April 4, 2010

Q: I got a Dell mini for my birthday and the sound doesn’t work. I’ve tried speakers, headphones, everything! How do I fix it?

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    It sounds like either your volume is muted or the driver is missing on the computer. If your running a windows OS try to go into the control panel and look at the Sounds and Audio option. Click on the Audio tab and make sure that your sound card is selected for play back. if there isn’t any option available then chances are that the Driver for your Sound card is not installed. If this is the case and you want to let me know what model dell mini/ what MS OS you are running I can provide you with a link.



      i have linux 🙁 everything is installed, it just won’t make sound, it will make like a humming noise.


    Did it come from Dell like that? If so I would try to call Dell Tech support for further diagnosing.