Is there a way to make a link in a web page blink?

by on April 4, 2010

Q: As much as this goes against my every web design instinct, my boss wants to make one of the links on the site I created for her blink. I created the site through Photoshop, and uploaded it via Dreamweaver. So, all the pieces of the site are in slices. I’m not sure how to make the slices “blink” without making the whole site look like a broken puzzle?

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    You can make the link blink but it is a bad idea because people will only be able to click on the link when it is shown I think. You can either use a blink tag or you can use CSS code and a class to make it blink. Either way you will have to modify the code manually at the HTML level itself.


    Thanks for replying! Trust me, I DO NOT want to have anything blink on this site but my boss has asked me multiple times, so I must oblige her. I tried the blink tag on the slice and tested on Safari, but nothing. I made a CSS class called .flashy and put it on one of the headlines on the index page. I put it for underline and blink under CSS Rule Definition. I see the underline, but it won’t blink. I’m crying no tears over this, but still I’d like to abide by my boss’ wishes.


      Safari will not do blinking links. FireFox will and IE should but Safari will not.