Make an HTML link blink

by on April 5, 2010

Q: How do I make an HTML link blink?

A: Back when web browsers came out and the blink tag was introduced it was used on almost every single page to get peoples attention. This practice, thank goodness, died off pretty quickly. To find a site that actually has blinking text or blinking links is very difficult. To make a link blink you just need to put the <blink></blink> text around it or add it to your CSS class for the anchor.

The tricky part is some browsers just wont let you blink text. Safari is a good example of a browser that just wont let you do what you want to do. I am not certain if it is all webkit based browsers, which Safari is just one, or if it is specific to Safari because I have not had the chance to test others.

Now I am torn about Safari not letting you do blinking links. From a usability standpoint a blinking link is horrible in my opinion so you should never do it but if the creator of the page wants it should Safari really override what they want for the good of the web and the good of usability? If I create a page or a site I want the user to see it the way I created not the way the web browser wants them to see it.

You can make the link blink but it is a bad idea because people will only be able to click on the link when it is shown I think. You can either use a blink tag <blink></blink> or you can use CSS code and a class to make it blink. Either way you will have to modify the code manually at the HTML level itself.

So you can do a blinking link you just cannot do it in all web browsers. So while we highly suggest it not be done we have given you the tools to do the job in web browsers that show your site the way you wanted it to be seen.

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