How come Internet Explorer has disappeared from my computer?

by on April 7, 2010

Q: I have lost Internet explorer and it appears all I have is the desktop icon and the Explorer name in the programme files. I followed a previous Ask geek question about this and got as far as going to – Start – Control panel – Internet options – and then no further as when I tried to open Internet options there was a brief screen movement as though it tried to do something then nothing? This started when I could not access the net via Internet Explorer. I can access via another browser but am puzzled as to where Int exp has gone.

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    HI Thanks for the replies But no result so far mainly as I probably have not given all the info needed to resolve. I had installed (unwisely I believe) Int ex 8 on windows 7 XP and it appeared to function ok. I was away for a month and had all sorts of issues on my return. I managed to locate programme files by Right click on the Icon Int Ex in programme files and going to Properties and from there access to “find traget” and then revealing a page of icons. Two of which were exp 7 and exp 8.
    When I went to Control panel in the process “How can I completely remove Internet Explorer 8?” in the leist of related answers above. Int expl 8 is not listed but int expl 7 is? – I do not want to remove this? It appears starnge that I have found a file by going through the “find target” path and not the other??