Compare computer processors

by on April 8, 2010

Q: How do I compare different processors to figure out which computer is going to be faster?

A: There are many aspects that make up a computer that will determine how fast or slow a computer is. This means you should not rely on just one item like the processor but the processor is a great place to start. Other items you will want to take into account when comparing computers is the RAM, video card, video memory, and the hard drive but luckily those are pretty easy to compare so lets get back to how to compare processors.

Comparing processors is a lot more difficult than comparing RAM, for example, because RAM is usually a number where processors are made up of numbers, names, and other items that just don’t make sense to most people and most of the time they don’t really tell you how fast they are. We suggest visiting a site like and doing a search for the processor(s) you want more information about. This will let you know where the processor(s) you are looking at ranks compared to other processors.

To compare two different processors you can search for the first one and note the number shown on the site and then search for the second processor and compare the numbers. If the numbers are within 100 or so of each other then you can assume you wont really be able to tell the difference when using your computer.

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