How come I have missing hard drive space after restoring my computer?

by on April 8, 2010

Q: I restored my computer a while back because of a virus and when I restarted my computer the majority of files on my hard drive had disappeared. However, they were seemingly still taking up space.

After trying everything I can think of to even find these files the most luck I have had is finding 112.3GB of “unknown files” with some program called WinDirStat, and although it takes up space it has no location and no amount of files. I still cannot locate the file or files that are taking up the space. All that I have noticed is that I have 3 accounts under documents and settings called HP_Owner, HP_Owner.Computer and HP_Owner.Computer.000 the latter two were created after restoring my computer.

I restored it again after the space had gone to see if it would fix it.