How do I log into a computer that is locked to a company?

by on April 8, 2010

Q: I was given a ex government laptop (Dell Latitude d600) that is locked to the company. I can’t access windows or desktop and each time I turn it on I get the log on to windows box wanting a user name and password.

It is running Windows XP professional and I have tried safe mode etc and pressed the F12 button and changed some settings but nothing seems to be working?

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    I’d suggest doing a Windows reinstall as your best option, especially since it’s a used computer. There should be a Windows XP product key on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker that you can use for install. That sticker should also tell you what version of Windows is licensed to the laptop (probably professional).

    You’ll also need to download the drivers from

    If you need an install disk you can get one from Microsoft (see ) or borrow a friends if they have a standard install disk and just use your own product license key.

    It also might be worth talking to Dell directly about getting a restore disk as another option.


    You could use a Linux password reset utility and boot to it from CD. There are a few out there. Or if you could get your hands on a copy of ERD Commander, Any of these utilities will allow you to reset any of the local user account passwords on this machine. Once you reset these passwords you can log into the administrator account on the local machine. Make sure that when logging into the administrator account that the “log onto” box says “(this computer)” after the computer name. I would then suggest removing it from the domain that it is joined to. If you are afraid that there is some spy software on this computer though I would suggest a full re-install.