Is it safe to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista without backing up?

by on April 11, 2010

Q: I have vista home premium on my computer now and want to upgrade to windows 7. I don’t what to have to backup everything up. I do not have all the disk of all the programs. They have upgrade to vista home premium and full edition (both windows 7). What do I need so I can keep all my files and programs?

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    The “Upgrade Edition” just means that people who already own a valid license of Vista or XP can install Windows 7 on that computer, as opposed to say a brand new computer you built that didn’t come with an operating system at all.

    Since you already own Vista you should just by the ‘upgrade edition’ this will allow you to do either a Windows 7 install over top of your existing Vista install or wipe the drive and do a fresh installation.

    So, the next question for you will be if doing a install of 7 over top of your existing vista install will work or will mess up your computer. In truth it’s a roll of the dice, it might work or it might not, but it is your only path to 7 that has a chance of working with your already install software.

    Your situation where you don’t have install disks and don’t have much of anything backed up is risky in general. Hard drives can and do fail, so it’s best to always plan for that as best you can.