How do I build a website that allows users to build their own pages?

by on April 12, 2010

Q: I want to build a web site where I can have new users (guests, clients) register (or sign up) and generate their own profile with user pages inside that they can alter and manipulate. A little like this web site when you sign up, then log in, also similar to Facebook…. do you follow what im after?

It’s the basics of how to set it up, I think I can work it out after that, I’m just struggling to find much of use online, I could be searching something COMPLETELY wrong.

any help, suggestions advise will be welcomed!

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    Making something like this from scratch is a very big process. It’s full on software development, and not something to be taken lightly. If you want to go this route take a look at this page, which is a very nice consolidated list of resources to check out:

    As an alternative you can try installing and setting up ‘open source social network’ software on a web server. This will give you results a lot faster, and a chance to see how much work goes into making something like this.

    Take a look at this article, which talks about a few software options and links to their websites to download the software:

    For help and support with any of these products, check the forums, help and support sections on their websites.

    Have fun!


    Thanks Mark! That is very helpful, can you tell me something a little more. When i looked into these before, they are along the social networks which is great, but i couldn’t see how to make each profile private and only available to select members… i.e only certain people can view certain areas and pages…

    For instance, a company joins, and i would only want their staff to see their own company page when they log in, not all the other business’s that have also joined, does this make sense to you?

    I may be missing a very simple button or option, but don’t think i am… can you shed a little light?

    Thanks! Im going to have a play with ‘Elgg’ btw!


    I haven’t worked with elgg before, so I suggest you post on their discussion forums for some suggestions.