How do you scan multiple pages into a single document?

by on April 13, 2010

Q: How do I scan multiple pages at once and have them put together in the same document so I can attach the entire scan at one time?

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    You’ll need a multi page scanner, otherwise you’ll need to swap each page out one at a time on the scanner bed.


    Mark is right on this one, you are going to either need a scanner that has an ADF (Automatic Document Feed), which will allow you to scan multiple pages at one time or you will need software that will combine the results of all your single document scans. I am pretty sure Preview on Mac OS X allows you to combine PDF files pretty easy but I am not sure what your solutions on Windows would be. I would suspect that most scanners would come with software that would allow you to combine multiple scans together if they only scan one page at a time.


    I have an HP all in one that will scan mulitiple pages from the top feeder, my question is, after it’s scanned I want all of the pages to be able to be ONE attachment instead of the multiple individual scanned pages. I want to be able to send the total scan in one attachment. How do I do that? Does windows have a way to insert docs together or do I need a sep software for that? thx.


      So are you saying you have an automatic document feeder that will allow you to scan multiple pages but for some reason it makes multiple documents instead of a single document? That doesn’t seem right if that is what you are saying.

      You should google “Merge PDF Documents” to find products that will combine your PDF files for you. I don’t run windows so I don’t want to suggest anything without trying it. Most of them seem like they have a trial version that could be useful to you.