Do they make a USB based firewire card?

by on April 15, 2010

Q: I have an older sony camcorder with a 1394ieee port. My current computer does not support this and I have no expansion bays to add a firewire card. Is there an adapter or external converter available so that I can download from the device using my usb port?

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    I’ll check this out. Thanks for the response.


    Please see the reviews, that item is NOT a USB to Fireware Adapter: “Other Thoughts: Some people seem to think this is some sort of FireWire/USB adapter. It is not. It is a FireWire hub that lets you connect 2 devices to 1 computer (3 ports total). And its also a USB hub. It doesn’t convert signals between the two hubs.”

    There used to be an item that did this, but as you can see here (and doing some additional searching) there isn’t anything else out there to do it:

    You’ll either need to use a different computer or a different camcorder