How come I get out of memory errors when scanning?

by on April 16, 2010

Q: I am using a multi-functional device, a Lanier LD533C, and am trying to scan copies into a pdf file. It only scans about 9 and says that the memory is full. I have tried many times and I can only get 9 in. I have copied the same files before and scanned 71 and 66 in at one time. I have it on 200 dpi, auto color sec, auto detect. Can I change something to have more scan in at one time or does it have to do with the memory saved on the device? It is at my job and usually the scans just e-mail to our e-mail or go on a common link. Any ideas?

One Response to “How come I get out of memory errors when scanning?”

    I’m not able to find any details on-line about anyone else experiencing this problem. The Lanier LD533C isn’t cheap, so your company probably has some kind of support with Lanier. I suggest you give them a call.