Ultra ATA/66

by on April 16, 2010

Q: What is an Ultra ATA/66 and what does it do?

A: Ultra ATA/66 is a a type of connection/interface that is used to connect a storage device, like a hard drive or CD-ROM, to your computer. This is an older technology that you will not see much anymore but it uses a long wide ribbon (pictured below) that connects your motherboard to up to two separate devices.

The Ultra explains that the device does error checking to make sure that the data coming from the device to the computer is not getting mixed up. The 66 defines how fast the data can transfer (66 MB/s). The only reason you would ever really need to know this is if you have an Ultra ATA/66 setup and your hard drive or other storage device died and you needed to replace it so that you could get the right storage device to work with your existing setup. You can get more information over at wikipedia.

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