Is it possible to retrieve files from a broken flash drive?

by on April 17, 2010

Q: I broke my flash drive. I opened the shell and am trying to reconnect the prongs. Will I be able to retrieve my files?

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    If the memory chips themselves weren’t damage you might be able to still get the data off.

    If you are successful I suggest you stop using the flash drive after that.

    There are also companies that will attempt to recover the data for you, but expect that to be at lest $100. I don’t have any recommendations on companies for that type of work, but if that is a direction you want to peruse, you can post below any maybe someone else can offer a recommendation.


    Oh ok thanks. I won’t be able to use it again anyway because its broken, i just need to get those files off. I don’t know if you can answer another question but, when I’m trying to connect the prongs it gets hot but the computer is still not reading it. Does that mean the chips are destroyed?


    They won’t let me start another question with the same genre so. I’ll ask here. Does anybody know a company where I can go to get the data off the memory chips?


      This is the correct way to get the answer to your follow up question. I have never used a data recovery service but I would highly suggest searching for “data recover services” and finding some companies and calling them to see what they can offer.