Protect your portable electronics

by on April 20, 2010

Q: I have a suspicion that my laptop was stolen and switched with a broken model. Is there anyway for me to know if my laptop was switched?

A: The only true way to know if any electronic device is yours is by knowing the serial number. Every portable electronic has a unique serial number on it and you should make note of the serial number in case it is ever stolen. You can also put unique markings on the device as well, like your initials in a specific spot. I highly suggest you always take pictures of the initials and where you put them on the device in case it ever goes missing.

No one ever thinks that their item is going to go missing esp when it is new. Everyone wants to spend time playing with the new device but anything electronic is worth a good amount of money and with the economy the way it is things end up going missing. So please make note of the serial number on all your portable electronics, not just your laptop, and mark them with your initials.

If your device has gone missing it is possible that the original receipt has the serial number on it. It is also possible that if you did an extended warranty that the company you did it with will have the serial number so those are two sources you can use after the fact.

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