Do they make safe spy software for cell phones?

by on April 25, 2010

Q: I want to purchase and download one of the new spy software programs to a minors cell phone. I do not want to spy as much as have peace of mind. I’m mainly referring to programs such as flexi spy etc. I want to buy a legit reputable program. How safe are these programs and is there any harm?

I have read about a virus and Trojan in some. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has used them or any recommendations for a reputable program. I hope to have some positive answers to this question.

One Response to “Do they make safe spy software for cell phones?”

    What Kind of Cell Phone and what network is the cell phone running on? Verizon has a service called a Chaperone service which allows you to track where the phone is online I believe. Also if the phone is running Android OS I know that there are some apps out there to track coordinates of the phone as well.