Windows 7 upgrade vs Windows 7 full version

by on April 30, 2010

Q: What’s the advantage of buying Windows 7 full version over Windows 7 upgrade?

A: The full version of Windows 7 allows you to take a computer that has no operating system at all on it and install Windows 7. The upgrade, while there are some workarounds, expects you to have a licensed version of Windows XP or Windows Vista already installed on the computer. This means you have to old on to your old operating system disc and license key in case you ever have to reinstall Windows again, which would involve installing the older operating system then installing the Windows 7 upgrade.

The other issue you run into is that when you upgrade, again ignoring the sometimes difficult workarounds, is you don’t ever have a fresh install because you have to have the old operating system installed to do the upgrade. This means pieces of the old operating system are still around and while it usually does not cause a problem it is something that can cause problems.

In an ideal world it is always best to have a fresh install and for regular users that means the full version is usually the best way to go but there is a significant cost difference as well.

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