How come my WiFi stopped working after doing a system restore?

by on May 2, 2010

Q: I have a Dell Latitude D410 laptop computer that has built in WiFi. The windows program crashed and I downloaded a different windows cd operating system into this laptop and got my windows operating system back up and running. I do not have any WiFi capabilities anymore and am wondering how do I restore the WiFi on my computer? I use this computer for my business and now I am dead in the water. Please help me out. I do not have any restore disks for this computer.

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    You are probably missing drivers for your built in wifi, download the drivers for wifi and any other components that aren’t working from


    How can I download the drivers when I cannot get on the internet? I am not sure if I can do this from my desktop and save them to a cd? or do I need a floppy disk? Please advise. Thanks.


    Try plugging in an Ethernet cable like your desktop instead of the wireless.

    Otherwise you can download the files using another computer and copy them over using whatever media you feel like, cd, dvd, usb flash drive, etc.