How can I find a lost friend whose email does not seem to work anymore?

by on May 17, 2010

Q: This is a complicated question that no one as of yet has been able to answer. If a person deactivates a yahoo screen name 4 years ago and since then and up to today the screen name is unavailable. You can try to register that name and it will state that the id already taken/unavailable.

If you try to send a email it will come back, a online email validator will state valid address, but a week ago from a site that emails the person to let them know someone from their past is trying to find them it stated that the message was delivered and to that specific address that they say they deactivated. Any paid email finder/person will to this date tell you that their email address is that of what was deactivated.

Most sites that they are connected to like youtube they’re using their email address as their ID. Could it be possible that they have a pop3 service with yahoo and therefore they can access their yahoo email address, but use a different email address all together? Is there anyway to find out for sure? Please help me figure this 4 year old puzzle…

One Response to “How can I find a lost friend whose email does not seem to work anymore?”

    The yahoo e-mail address may have been used to initially register for a website, but it doesn’t need to be active to keep using it as a login for youtube, etc..

    So if the address doesn’t work anymore then they are using something different.