How can I get Adobe PhotoDeluxe to install on my new computer?

by on May 18, 2010

Q: I just acquired a Dell Studio 17 1749 laptop. I want to install Adobe PhotoDeluxe3.0 Home Edition so I can use my Umax scanner. I’ve inserted the program disk into the DVD drive on the side of the laptop and followed the instructions on screen until I arrived at a screen with an “Install” button displayed and instructions to click on the button. I do this but nothing happens. The application does not install. How can I install the program?

One Response to “How can I get Adobe PhotoDeluxe to install on my new computer?”

    Adobe Photodeluxe 3.0 is very old, you can expect a lot of headaches trying to get it to work. More importantly, Photodeluxe won’t get your Umax scanner to work. The important thing is an up to date driver for the scanner.

    Depending on the age of the scanner, one might not be available for your current operating system. Check for a driver for the vendor for your model scanner. If there isn’t one available for your version of Windows 7, try the Vista one.

    With a valid driver installed for the scanner you should be able to just use Picasa (free)

    If you insist on trying to get Photodeluxe to work you can look at some eariler answers: Adobe PhotoDeluxe here at