What does The application failed to initialize properly mean?

by on May 19, 2010

Q: What happens when this message appears on my screen? Is my computer dying?

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    This means a program on your computer is having trouble starting up. I’ll need more information in order to provide any assistance.

    I’m guessing the error looks something like this example: http://bit.ly/bNRXgm

    Please tell me what your error message shows in the top left (my example shows OPSSQL.exe), and the error code (my example has (0xc0000022)).

    I’ll also need to know when the message is showing up, for example, does it appear when your computer is starting up, or when you try to launch and specific program.


    Sorry the screen shot didn’t attach correctly the first time but I have fixed it now.


    Things to Try:

    – Download and install .net Framework http://bit.ly/c0w8A9
    – Run an on-line virus scan: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/


    thank you for responding quickly! i can’t turn my computer on at all unless it’s through safe mode. my computer shows the blue screen of death, then it goes through a continuous cycle of re-starting then the blue screen comes back. i haven’t downloaded any new programs, so i am really confused in why this is happening.


    mark-that message showed up when i turned it on after the hundredth time of the blue screen of death-rebooting cycle.


    If it is that severe it might be a problem with your computer’s RAM.

    You can try replacing the RAM if you have any other available, taking the RAM to a computer shop to be tested, or running MemTest86 on the PC http://www.memtest.org/#downiso