The hard drives effect on the speed of your computer

by on May 20, 2010

Q: Will putting a larger hard drive in my computer make my computer run faster?

A: The size of a hard drive alone will not effect the speed of your computer. In certain circumstances, specifically where your hard drive is completely full, adding a larger hard drive would be required to allow you computer to run correctly but it would not in and of itself speed up your computer. It would just fix the issues related to you not having enough hard drive space.

There is another aspect to hard drives though and that is the speed at which you can write data to and read data from the hard drive. Not all hard drives are created equal but the consensus is that if you move to a slower hard drive you will notice the difference but if you move to a faster hard drive you will not notice the difference. It is a little odd but the difference in speed isn’t that much so noticing an increase is difficult but noticing it get a little slower seems to be pretty easy.

Maybe it is because we just take things for granted like how fast an application opens that when they open slightly faster we just don’t notice but when they open slightly slower it is rather easy to notice. So the key is if you are going to get a new hard drive for any reason make sure to get a hard drive that is comparable to the one you currently have or one that is better/faster.

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