How come my laptop is slow after installing a new hard drive?

by on May 24, 2010

Q: I have an Acer Aspire 5520 laptop with 2GB RAM and an AMD turion 64 X2 mobile technology 1.8 Ghz processor. Recently I’ve changed the hard disk with a bigger one because the old one burned out. Since then the bloody thing has been super slow. I mean so slow that I can’t play a flash game online without it lagging. Any ideas how to fix it or whats causing it?

I’ve scanned for viruses using spybot search and destroy and I’ve reduced the number of start up programs to a minimum but it is still slow.

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    Do you know what kind of hard drive you had in there before as opposed to what you replaced it with? Its possible that you may have put a slower RPM hard drive in the laptop. If the Hard drive that was in there was a 7200Rpm drive and you replaced it with a 5400Rpm drive you will see some what of a difference.



    The manufacturer of the hard drive should have some diagnostic software on their website that you can download and run on the drive. I would suggest you run that on the drive to see if there are any issues.

    Also, bring up task manager and watch the processes tab to see if any specific programs are hogging up the CPU.


    well the strange thing is that even if im watching a video online or have to many pages open my processor goes up to a 100% even tough none of the apps use to much memory thats the thing i dont understand.

    oh and ive checked the hard drive has the same rpm