How do I make a new tab in IE7 show my most recent websites?

by on May 25, 2010

Q: Before today when I open a new tab in IE 7 the new tab opens with a page showing about 9 thumbnail windows of the most recently opened pages and to the right of that a list of the most recently opened pages and another of recently closed pages.

Today when I open a new tab the page is “You’ve opened a new tab” with information and links about Tabbed Browsing.

How do I restore the settings so that it will show the most recently opened pages? I have not changed any settings with my knowledge.

2 Responses to “How do I make a new tab in IE7 show my most recent websites?”

    I would suggest clicking on the “do not show this message again” checkbox and closing the message to see if you can see your most recently opened pages. If you still are not able to see the recently opened pages this site should provide you with the information that you need.


    Thanks Fletcha …I’ve already tried clicking on that and it didn’t work….and checked out that website…there was no definite info there either…that’s why I contacted you guys! Somewhere I’ve seen where you can check the option to have that info appear on your tabbed browsing page….but can’t find it now…from what I read on the ie-vista page it’s a common problem that just happens without making any adjustments to your settings and no one seems to have an answer to the problem….
    Thanks again for your suggestions…keep looking!