Can I install WIndows 7 on my Sony Vaio that has Vista?

by on May 27, 2010

Q: I’m running Vista on a Sony Vaio. I shut it down improperly and received the dreaded “0xc000014c: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.”

I have tried to reboot it using EVERY instruction they give but all roads lead to the same error screen. I don’t have the installation disc as it was already installed when I purchased it. Since the beginning, Vista has been one giant pain in the ass. I want to install Windows 7. My question is, Do I need to get the installation disc, reinstall Vista using the “repair my computer “option or can I go ahead and install Windows 7 and select the same option?

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    You can install Windows 7 without first trying to fix the Vista install. However for best results you do what Windows 7 calls a Custom install where the drive is wiped before Windows 7 is loaded. You can do all of this stuff from the Windows 7 install disk, and you can do it with the “upgrade” edition of Windows 7 as well.

    If you need to pull data off the drive before wiping it and starting fresh, hook it into another computer or use a bootable rescue disk ( like ) to burn the data to dvd or copy to another drive.